iLko is a musician of 20+ years and a huge fan of cross-genre blending. His original tracks and DJ mixes demonstrate this unique style by creatively fusing contrasting elements and musical genres.

“I seek to elevate energy and positivity through what I choose to play and how I perform”.

iLko started out his musical career playing in rock and punk bands in the 90’s as a vocalist and rhythm guitarist. His fluidity of moving from one instrument to the next has led to his ability to bring a variety of musical styles together to create dynamic and inspiring performances. iLko’s tendency to explore other instruments eventually brought him to his calling: the drums.

“After learning and falling in love with hand percussion, I found that sitting behind a drum kit was the place I felt at home within a band.  I enjoy being the backbone of a group or sound. The drums allowed me to expand my musical appreciation, theory and have really been the catalyst for my most recent love affair with electronic dance, bass and hip hop music”.

After DJ’ing for a couple years, graduating from music school and then starting and operating a recording studio, iLko quickly realized he missed the creation and musical growth that he experienced through creating his own tracks from the ground up. This has brought him back to sharing what he is truly passionate about, his music and performing.  His songs range from down-tempo super-sexy soundscape styles to upbeat rhythmic dance songs that provide a positive vibe in any environment. iLko’s goal is to continue to create music that carries a positive and healthy energy to his audiences.  He truly seeks to inspire and to create amazing spaces and experiences for people to dance, share, and connect with one another. His recent live shows have included large scale events as well as yoga and other performance art classes and gatherings.

iLko’s stage presence is nothing short of amazing and uplifting. You can feel his energy flowing through the speakers and visualize it as he never stops moving and interacting with the music and his crowd. He often will bring a live aspect to his performances through percussion, bass guitar, vocals and other live elements. He has shared the stage with artists such as: David Starfire, Random Rab, The Human Experience, Indubious, AppleCat, DJ Anjali, The Incredible Kid, BasssGhost, Nico Luminous, Glo BalRuckus and many others.